Rave Reviews from Participants in the First Two Raising Your Game Seminars:

Seasoned Change Professionals joined Change Expert Daryl Conner for a two day intensive seminar to explore how they can increase effectiveness with clients by increasing self -awareness. Participants were energized:

“Daryl is exploring the frontier of what it means to be a transformational leader – far beyond tools and techniques.  Like a doctor with good medicine and outstanding bedside manner, or a musician playing excellent music with passion, or a great athlete “in the zone” – experienced leaders can inspire deeper change when we cultivate character and add intentionality to individual presence.  At the core, each person’s intrinsic character is unique and worthy of appreciation.  First and foremost, change occurs at the individual level, beginning with the practitioner.  The RYG session helps explore these fundamental and game-changing leadership elements.  The richness of experience of each participant quickly rallied a community of experts honing our craft together.”

-Past Participant



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