Wendy Appel – Back in the USA

After six and one-half years living on the European continent, Wendy Appel pried herself away this Summer to move back to the US in order to join forces with the partners of CLS.

The invitation to partner with wise and wonderful colleagues in order to take on work with clients who are committed to something larger than their own self-interests, inspired Wendy to do the same.

Wendy thoroughly enjoyed living in Europe, (most recently in Mallorca, Spain) and working internationally (pan-European, UAE, S. Africa and in the US). However, something unexpected and significant happened on the island of Mallorca. Wendy found a source of alchemy to transform her consulting experience, personal challenges and intellectual insight into a framework for leadership.

As she sifted through three decades of professional success and two decades of work with the Enneagram, she wrote her first book, InsideOut Enneagram: The Game-Changing Guide for Leaders.

Transformation—alchemy to turn managerial skills into leadership—is at the heart of Wendy’s book and is the focus of her work. We are thrilled to have Wendy back in the US to share with us what she has learned and to work her magic with us and our clients.



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