Our clients develop the capability to engage with change as an on-going reality — one from
which significant business value is realized.

How We Partner With Clients:

We help leaders and organizations become change-ready and change-able

We are in a world that is – and will remain – fundamentally unpredictable, ambiguous and volatile. It will never settle down or get back to ‘normal’… and, methods and mindsets that served us so well in the past are no longer sufficient. We explore in partnership with clients what is required, in a world of growing uncertainty, to engage with on-going change while still maintaining predictability and reliability. Our work is not with everyone, but rather with those leaders and practitioners who are working on the edges of innovation in their industry and for whom the following promises are meaningful and compelling:

Committed, candid, reliable and proven partnership in navigating the personal, interpersonal and systemic uncertainty of leading in world of ambiguity.Change architecture that allows for results that have never been achieved before, that are a complete break from the past, while still being informed by and honoring of that past.Human development technology that allows for a depth of relationship with yourself and with those around you that far exceeds what you can currently see as possible.


Practice Areas

We partner with our clients across a continuum of practice areas, each dedicated to developing the capability to create new value from - Change as an on-going reality.

Practitioner Development

For those committed to shaping the future of organizational practice

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We are in a world that is – and will remain – unpredictable, ambiguous and volatile. Yet our professional tools, methods and mind sets are not sufficient for this world. They fail to fully address relationships, individual expression.

We work with practitioners to develop the ability to fully embrace change. Those who take on this work will:

  • Master the tools, language and frameworks for engaging with change as an on-going condition, not an isolated event
  • Develop their unique expression and presence as a practitioner
  • Become a reliable developer of others’ capability to engage with change as an on-going condition.

If you seek the ability to shape change-able organizations, this work will provide the means to do so.

Intra/Entrepreneur Development

For executives committed to bringing new realities into existence.

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To reliably manifest new realities, one needs to articulate that new reality in language the current reality can understand. What keeps new realities from fully manifesting is the lack of engagement with appropriate tools, frameworks and language to bring the vision into legitimate enough form others can commit to and act on.

We work with Intra/Entrepreneurs to develop creative and innovation mastery. Those who take on this work will:

  • Master a cradle-to-cradle framework for bringing new realities into existence
  • Gain the inter- and intra-personal requirements of doing creative work
  • Realize a breakthrough, a creation of something that was not possible in their existing reality.

If reliably bringing new realities into existence is your focus, this practice area will help you build that mastery.

Executive Development

For those committed to being effective sponsors of those bringing about change.

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Being an effective sponsor of change requires us to become an experienced guide between two realities. One reality is what you helped build, the one that exists today. The other is a new reality that you might or might not fully understand, but need to support those who are driven to see it manifest.

We work with executives to accelerate their leadership development. Those who take on this work will:

  • Master the tools, language and frameworks to be an effective guide and sponsor for those bringing about change
  • Develop their unique expression and presence as a leader of change.

If you are committed to your development as a sponsor of change, this is a practice area worth exploring for you and your team.

Personal Development

For those committed to having freedom and choice in how they live and work.

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We have the power to choose our future and define our world and our inter- actions within it. However, what keeps our power at bay is the pace at which our world is changing. Most of us feel powerless to do nothing more than react to that change.

Those who work with us establish new ways to relate to change and our work together will:

  • Develop ways to see the world that provide significantly more choice and self-accountability.
  • Establish ways to engage with change as a driver of personal development

If personal sovereignty and having a say in change is what you seek, this work will afford you a profound say in your future.

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What People Are Saying

The aspect of our practice that we are proudest of is that not only are past clients and apprentices proactive advocates of our work, a large number of them choose to stay in active, on-going conversation and partnership with us years and even decades after our formal work together is completed.
  • Alan Chapman

    FPM Worldwide Service Executive, IBM Sponsoring somebody through the MAOL is great because you get to see them develop and you have a common language for how you look at things like breakthroughs, how you design breakthroughs, and how you look at the organization.
  • Tim Orr

    VP WW Marketing
    Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, J&J
    Achieving breakthrough results is a matter of choice. Success seldom happens by chance; it’s designed purposefully and with deliberate intention.
  • Sonya Moore-Wells

Independent Development Consultant
    The access to all of the MAOL wisdom and knowledge and expertise is amazing. I would never on my own have that without doing years of work. The relationships and the openness to conversations with people who have such brilliance is what excites me most.
  • Anne

    Sr. Manager Learning & Organizational Development

    Altera Corporation
    When you talk about the concept of a leader as a teacher and learner, the MBA can’t begin to cover it. What you get in this program is the opportunity to do and be both—a teacher and a learner, and most of all a skilled leader.
  • Andy Shaw

    Executive Director of Corporate Strategy

    Canadian Blood Services
    The MAOL invites you to consider how to honor and build on the past, envision a new future, and then design the steps that are going to take you there. It's a way of thinking through what's so today and building a vision for the future.
  • Carol 

    Business Development Executive

    You find your way through the breakthrough using MAOL materials and by interacting with the faculty and your colleagues. It’s challenging, complex, rewarding, it allows you to try things that you haven’t necessarily seen or done in the organization, and that’s all part of the learning that you take away; it’s very different from learning something from a textbook and walking away with knowledge.
  • Dave 

    Chief Information Officer
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
    It pushes your limits in a way that you struggle a little at first, and then you develop. You really have to take it outside what the book said and apply it. I found that to be quite unique and inspirational.
  • Mark Cummings

    CFO Caribbean Project Management MAOL Candidate Mark Cummings shares what he has learned in the Masters program and how he has increased his effectiveness by changing the way he listens, speaks and interacts in both his professional and personal worlds.
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Contact Us

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