Center for Leadership Studies members are world-class professionals who share a commitment to work with organizational leaders who want to have a lasting impact — the kind of impact that converts possibility into measurable reality on a continuum of change and transformation.


Mel Toomey

Mel’s work centers on the development of people preparing to engage in breakthrough levels of leadership at the scale of organization—people who will lead change from the view that it is a condition to be mastered not a problem to be solved. These leaders are committed to building “change ready” organizations that can transform their relationship with change.

Holding an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters for his contributions to establishing leadership as a profession, Mel is an educator, executive advisor, and organizational consultant. He founded Center for Leadership Studies and Generative Leadership Group. He is the principal designer for one of the first Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership programs ever offered at University. Mel serves as Scholar in Residence at the Graduate Institute in Bethany, Connecticut, and teaches at the University of Arkansas.

Client List

Pro Bono

  • Action for Children
  • Catalyst
  • Coaching Israel
  • The I Have A Dream Foundation
  • Lambton College
  • Leadership America
  • Ontario Chambers of Commerce
  • R.E. Wilson School
  • Sarnia Lambton Council for Economic Development
  • State of the World Forum
  • The Care Givers Project
  • YMCA

Technology Telecommunications

  • AT&T
  • Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Bell Canada
  • Cognos
  • Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
  • IBM
  • Perot Systems
  • Sarnoff Corporation
  • Facebook

Financial Services

  • Barclay’s Global Investors
  • Berkshire Partners
  • Charles Schwab & Company
  • Chubb and Son Inc.
  • Citigroup
  • Ernst & Young
  • USAA
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • HAI Group

Diversified Services

  • Accenture
  • Air Canada
  • Dale Carnegie
  • Time Inc.
  • States Postal Service

Energy Services/Resources

  • Anglo-American Ltd.
  • BC Hydro
  • BP Ltd.
  • Duke Energy
  • EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute)
  • Peoples Energy
  • Public Service Electric & Gas

Pharmaceutical/Healthcare/ Chemical

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Dow Chemical Company
  • Eli Lilly & Company
  • Engelhard Corporation
  • Ethicon, Inc. Faulding
  • Genentech
  • Hoffman LaRoche
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • LifeScan
  • Ortho Clinical Diagnosticsy
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News & Events

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Apr 29, 2014
Monthly Intentional Living Interest Group

The Intentional Living Interest Group offers CLS’s Master’s degree students, alumni, prospective students, and members of the community an opportunity to engage in on-going dialog to explore topics that heighten our sense of awareness of and commitment to our lives and work. Note that individuals need not attend all sessions and can drop in and out of the conversation as their schedule permits.

April 29th @ 7:00 PM

For more information, click here.

Aug 26, 2013
Al Bhatt delivers Keynote to Business Leaders on: Breaking Through the Noise: Generational Differences in the Workplace

Understanding broad generational differences can be valuable. Managing your workplace relationships based on these differences is not. This session at the Bushnell in Hartford, CT will explore the one rule that is central to effectiveness in the modern workplace: Employee engagement, productivity, and retention – across all generational groups – is ultimately a Retail Game.

Click here for more details and registration.

Aug 10, 2013
Wendy Appel – Back in the USA

After six and one-half years living on the European continent, Wendy Appel pried herself away this Summer to move back to the US in order to join forces with the partners of CLS.

The invitation to partner with wise and wonderful colleagues in order to take on work with clients who are committed to something larger than their own self-interests, inspired Wendy to do the same.

Wendy thoroughly enjoyed living in Europe, (most recently in Mallorca, Spain) and working internationally (pan-European, UAE, S. Africa and in the US). However, something unexpected and significant happened on the island of Mallorca. Wendy found a source of alchemy to transform her consulting experience, personal challenges and intellectual insight into a framework for leadership.

As she sifted through three decades of professional success and two decades of work with the Enneagram, she wrote her first book, InsideOut Enneagram: The Game-Changing Guide for Leaders.

Transformation—alchemy to turn managerial skills into leadership—is at the heart of Wendy’s book and is the focus of her work. We are thrilled to have Wendy back in the US to share with us what she has learned and to work her magic with us and our clients.

Aug 10, 2013
Rave Reviews from Participants in the First Two Raising Your Game Seminars:

Seasoned Change Professionals joined Change Expert Daryl Conner for a two day intensive seminar to explore how they can increase effectiveness with clients by increasing self -awareness. Participants were energized:

“Daryl is exploring the frontier of what it means to be a transformational leader – far beyond tools and techniques.  Like a doctor with good medicine and outstanding bedside manner, or a musician playing excellent music with passion, or a great athlete “in the zone” – experienced leaders can inspire deeper change when we cultivate character and add intentionality to individual presence.  At the core, each person’s intrinsic character is unique and worthy of appreciation.  First and foremost, change occurs at the individual level, beginning with the practitioner.  The RYG session helps explore these fundamental and game-changing leadership elements.  The richness of experience of each participant quickly rallied a community of experts honing our craft together.”

-Past Participant

Aug 10, 2013
Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Latest Schedule

Center for Leadership Studies members are Faculty for leadership programs at educational institutions which include The Graduate Institute, University of New Haven, University of Arkansas and Chicago Theological Seminary.

Our current offering is for those seeking an advanced degree program in leadership; the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership at The Graduate Institute in Connecticut. Enrollments are now being accepted and can be approved in as little as 24 hours.

See attached for schedules and more information about this unique program that is designed specifically for business, professional and community leaders.

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Brochure.pdf
Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Schedule.pdf